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Oklahoma State University
University Research Compliance

A unit in the Division of the Vice President for Research

Animal Use

Forms and Documents


New and renewal ACUP requests must be submitted in electronic format via eCowboy Compliance. For protocols that were approved in eCowboy Compliance, the modifications must also be submitted in that system.

Modifications to current protocols approved via the old Word/PDF system can still be modified via the forms below in Word and should be completed using a computer. No handwritten copies will be accepted. The form should be completed in full with no blanks. Use "N/A" if certain sections are not applicable. It is always suggested that you download the form from this website each time and not use a version you might have saved. Older versions of the ACUP will not be accepted.

  • The electronic version of the ACUP modifications should be sent to:

If your protocol requires a minor modification during its approval period, you will need to complete and submit the Protocol Modification form to the IACUC for approval prior to implementing the change.

If you have any questions regarding submission requirements, please contact the IACUC Office at 405.744.3592.

Modification Form download
Personnel Modification Form download
Appendix A - Flow Sheet, Table, Syllabus, SOP download
Appendix B - Trapping/Capture of Wild Animals download
Appendix C - In-house Breeding Colony download
Appendix D - Long-Term Restraint download
Appendix E - Surgery download
Appendix F - Anesthesia/Analgesia download
Appendix G - Anitbody Production download
Appendix H - Biological Hazards Summary download
Appendix I - Radiation Hazards Summary download
Appendix J - Laser Hazards Summary download
Appendix K - Chemical Hazards Summary download
Appendix L - Owner Informed Consent Form download
Appendix M - Other download
Appendix T - Transgenic Animals download
Additional Personnel Table download
Additional Species Table download
Disaster Plan for Facilities download
Standard Operating Procedure for IACUC download
Animal Adoption download


Help when Completing ACUP