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Oklahoma State University
University Research Compliance

A unit in the Division of the Vice President for Research

Animal Use

OSU Policies and Procedures

OSU's Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee has developed policies to assist you in understanding the various laws and regulations governing animal use. Please review these. If you have questions, please contact our office, the Chair of the IACUC, Dr. Matthew Lovern at 405.744.5551 or OSU's Attending Veterinarian at 405.744.7631.


Policies Address
Adopted Standards for Animal Care and Use Policy # IACUC-001
Use of Sedatives, Analgesics, and Anesthetics Policy # IACUC-002
Disposition of Surplus Laboratory Animals Policy # IACUC-003
Review of Applications, Modifications and the use of Veterinary Verification and Consultation Policy # IACUC-004
Exempt Animal Use Protocols Policy # IACUC-005
Animal Care and Use Training Program Policy # IACUC-006
Occupational Health & Safety Program Policy # IACUC-007
IACUC Disaster Plan Policy # IACUC-008
Physical Restraint Policy # IACUC-009
Multiple Surgical Procedures Policy # IACUC-010
Food and Fluid Restriction Policy # IACUC-011
Transportation of Animals Policy # IACUC-012
Record Keeping Policy # IACUC-013
Veterinary Care Policy # IACUC-014
Review of Policies and Standard Operating Procedures Policy # IACUC-015
Use of Non-Pharmaceutical Grade Drugs and Preparation and Storage of Compounds for Parenteral Administration Policy # IACUC-016


Oklahoma State University has a general policy that applies to work involving live, vertebrate animals. You may wish to review this policy:

  • Care and Use of Animals in Research, Testing, and Teaching - Policy # 1-0505

Oklahoma State University has a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for disposal of animal tissues and carcasses:

  • Procedures for Disposal of Biohazardous Research/Instructional Animal Tissues &/or Carcasses by the Oklahoma Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (OADDL) SOP

Oklahoma State University has a university wide disaster plan for animal facilities on the Stillwater campus in addition to facility specific plans. You may wish to review this plan: