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Oklahoma State University
University Research Compliance

A unit in the Division of the Vice President for Research

Radiation Safety

About the X-Ray Machine Program

The purpose of this section of the website is to provide a brief introduction into why and how ionizing radiation producing machines are administered and regulated here at OSU.

Any machine which is capable of producing ionizing radiation (and is not specifically exempted) is regulated by the state of Oklahoma i.e. users are required to obtain a permit from the state to possess the machine and they are further required to register the machine with the state. The state agency which regulates the machine depends upon the purpose of the machine. For example, diagnostic machines are regulated by the Oklahoma State Department of Health, while analytical machines (most research x-ray devices) are regulated by the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality. In a large organization or institution, such as OSU, where many machines are present, the regulating agencies typically issue a single permit and individual users register their machines under this one permit. This is indeed the case at OSU. The OSU permit for Analytical Machines is held by the OSU Radiation Safety Office, and individual machines are registered by the Radiation Safety Office and thus “attached” to this permit. Procurement, possession, storage, use, and disposal of these machines require compliance with the applicable state regulations, and the OSU Radiation Safety Office has further been charged with ensuring that individual campus users or such machines are subject to these regulations.

While requirements to bring a new user and/or machine onto OSU’s permit vary slightly depending on the machine and user, the following provides a general outline of the steps required. As mentioned all of these may not apply (for example users have already taken the training while using another machine need not repeat it) so please check with the Radiation Safety Office prior to purchasing your new machine.

  • The machine must be registered with the State of Oklahoma
  • The PI must submit authorization form (SOP) to the university radiation safety committee for approval (blank form is provided on the forms page of this website)
  • Each user must request to take the OSU X-Ray safety training online (request forms are provided on the forms page of this website)
  • The PI must develop machine specific training for the machine being brought into the system and then train all users on this machine
  • Most machines require that dosimeters be worn. Users must request dosimeters using the form provided on the forms page of this website
  • A safety review conducted by the Radiation Safety Office will be conducted before the machine is released to the PI for use to include:
    • A radiation survey of each machine while operating
    • Check of all warnings, labels, and interlocks
    • Review of required records
    • Check on the status of the completion of training
    • Check on the proper posting of the laboratory

The Radiation Safety Office is here to assist Principle Investigators and users in the timely completion and compliance with these state mandated regulatory requirements.