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The Conversation

In 2019, OSU became a partner with The Conversation – a journalism vehicle for articles written by academics and researchers with editing assistance by journalists – resulting in research-based information for the general public. And, due to the free-to-read and free-to-republish nature of The Conversation, along with their agreement with the Associated Press, articles often get picked up by large outlets such as The Washington Post, Newsweek and the Scientific American!

Most articles are 1000 words or less. Faculty, post-docs and doctoral students are eligible to write articles. Important: These are researcher authored articles; the editors are there to help, but you maintain full control as author.  Once published, you will receive an analytics page giving you statistics on where your article was republished, how many reads and what countries the reads came from…all great information for your broader impacts statements on grants!

Please consider writing for The Conversation so more of the world can see the research expertise we have right here at Oklahoma State University!


Articles from the OSU community.